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The Authority is a parastatal under the supervision of the Federal Ministry of Water Resources and it is fully owned by the Federal Government of Nigeria, which provides the major funds required for its operations.

The area of operation of the Authority covers Niger and Kaduna States as well as the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. The Headquarters is located in Minna, Niger State with Area Offices in Kaduna,Wushishi and Kwali in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) as well as Project Offices in Swashi, Suleja, Pambegua, etc. The Area and Project Offices are responsible for coordinating field operations of the Authority in areas that fall under their jurisdiction and report directly to the Headquarters.

The organisational structure of the Authority consists of the apex Board of Directors and four main departments – Engineering Services, Finance & Administration, Agricultural Services, Planning and Design, as well as the Office of the Managing Director. An Executive Director heads each of the Departments.

The Board is responsible for setting up the objectives and programmes of the Authority and review and evaluation of the organisational performance and issues related to appointment, promotion and discipline of senior officers.

The Managing Director is the Chief Executive Officer of the Authority responsible for the day-to-day running of the Authority as well as executing functions spelt out by the Board or the parent Ministry.


The history of River Basin Development Authorities as parastatals in Nigeria dates back to 1955 when the International Bank for Rural Reconstruction recommended an Integrated Multipurpose National Programme for Utilisation of Water Resources. It was on account of this that the Chad and Niger Basin Commissions were established during the 1962 to 1968 plan period. Kainji, Chad and Sokoto River Basin Development Authorities came into being in the 1970 to 1974 plan period.

In 1976, the Federal Government divided the country into eleven (11) River Basin Development Authorities (RBDAs) and established ten (10) River Basin Authorities byDecree No. 25 of 15th June, 1976while the eleventh, Niger Delta River Basin Development Authority was established by Decree No. 37 of 3rd August, 1976.

The defunct Niger River Basin Development Authority was known to exist as a single Authority until 4th January, 1994 when it was again split into Upper and Lower Niger River Basin and Rural Development Authorities with Headquarters in Minna and at Ilorin respectively.


The mandate of the Authority as contained in Decree No. 35 of 1987 are as follows:

  • To undertake comprehensive development of both surface and underground water resources for multi-purpose use with particular emphasis on the provision of irrigation infrastructure and the control of floods and erosion and for watershed management;
  • To construct, operate and maintain dams, dykes, polders, wells, boreholes, irrigation and drainage systems and other works necessary for the achievement of the Authority’s functions and hand over all lands to be cultivated under the irrigation schemes to farmers;
  • To supply water from the Authority’s completed storage schemes to all users for a fee to be determined by the Authority from time to time;
  • To construct, operate and maintain infrastructural services, such as roads and bridges linking project sites;
  • To develop and keep up-to-date comprehensive Water Resources Master Plan;
  • Water supply for domestic, industrial and irrigation purposes at low rate;
  • Land clearing, preparations and management for both rainy and dry seasons; and
  • Consultancy services.

The Authority was subsequently restructured into four directorates in 2011 comprising of the following:

  • Finance and Administration Department
  • Planning and Design Department
  • Agricultural Services Department
  • Engineering Services Department


Over the years, we've always prioritize issues for current attention to enhance efficiency and productivity.


Engaging key stakeholders with a view to harnessing the resources domiciled amongst them and strengthening institutional relationships.


Adopting a phased approach to the achievement of goals and objectives of the plans

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As mandated, it's important that we strive to do work outside of obligation. This lets us stay ahead of the curve for our clients and internal projects.

At the end of the day, it's important to not let being busy distract us from executing our duty. Smiling, laughing, and hanging helps us work together to achieve this. It’s important to stay detail oriented with every project we tackle.

At UNRBDA, we're more than committed to our core values.

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Water resources provide the life support of natural systems, societies and their economies and habitats for many animals.

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